Crete is a feast for the senses: wild natural beauty and thousands of years of culture, history and exquisite cuisine
Malia beach

Potamos beach is an organized beach – with sunbeds & umbrellas – located next to the main beach of Malia. It is long, sandy with crystal clear waters.

Malia Minoan Palace

The Malia Palace is the third-largest Minoan palace in Crete, dating from circa 1650 BCE. It was destroyed by an earthquake during the Late Bronze Age and was later rebuilt.

minoan malia
Malia old town
Malia Old town & Strip road

Malia town has 2 sides that are separated by the main national road. The area towards the beaches of Malia is filled with restaurants, shops, bars and clubs and it has an active night life during the summer period. On the other is the small old town of Malia with quant, friendly family restaurants, narrow colorful streets, picturesque buildings and churches.

The island of Spinalonga is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, opposite to the town of Plaka. It has has its roots in the period of Venetian occupation, but is mostly known as the Leper Island as lepers from Crete and the rest of Greece were quarantined there until 1957. You can visit this historical island with a boat-taxi from Plaka.
Knossos Minoan Palace

Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and has been called Europe’s oldest city. Settled as early as the Neolithic period, the name Knossos survives from ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete.

Heraklion Archaeological museum

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is one of the greatest museums in Greece and the best in the world for Minoan art; it contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete

natural history
Natural history museum

Natural History Museum of Crete is Located in Heraklion, Knossou Ave., just west from the harbor and is a great way to spend 2 hours or more, lots of interesting facts about the wildlife on Crete and Europe.


Cretaquarium is a public aquarium that offers its visitors the unique chance to plunge into the great marine world of the Mediterranean. It has been recently renovated with the addition of new tanks, species, educational programmes & innovative services.


Stalida, also known as Stalis, is a resort town known for its shallow waters and family-friendly beach, lined with outdoor restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops selling ceramics and leather goods.


Mochos village has preserved its traditional color and nature is predominant as it is surrounded by olives, vineyards and fruit trees. Visitors can walk in the scenic and narrow streets of the village where they will see the stone-built houses of Cretan architecture and the well-preserved historic churches and then rest in the main square of the village.

krasi village
Krasi Village

Krasi is a traditional mountain village known for its quaint central square, which has stone fountains and an enormous plane tree thought to be 2,400 years old. Intimate tavernas and cafes are scattered among the streets, and there are several small stone churches.

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